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What does MLS stand for ?

Anyone who has interest in the real estate market has seen or heard the term "MLS", but few may know exactly what MLS is, or understand the important role it plays in the real estate industry.

MLS is acronym for the Multiple Listing Service. It is a complex information-sharing and cooperative marketing network created by REALTORS® several decades ago to help the public buy and sell homes. While it is computer based today, it began as an exchange of paper listing information and photographs.

The Multiple Listing Service or MLS is a member based service, paid for by the REALTOR® members of the local real estate Board. The MLS mark symbolizes the cooperation among REALTORS® to promote the purchase and sale of real estate, and is much more than a database of property information. It is the local real estate Board that actually administers and operates the local MLS system.

MLS makes the real estate industry unique by encouraging a high degree of cooperation among sales agents. For example, if you're shopping for a car and you visit a local dealer, the sales agent's goal is to sell you a car from that car lot. They won't provide you with information on cars available at other competing dealerships. In the real estate industry, the opposite is true. MLS allows for cooperation between all REALTORS® no matter which brokerage they work for.

If you are selling a property, listing with a REALTOR® who uses MLS means your property gets maximum marketing exposure to all other members of the local Board. You'll have REALTORS® everywhere trying to find a buyer for your property. It is the MLS® computer system that will provide other members of the real estate Board with detailed information about your property.

If you are buying a property, MLS is a valuable research tool for your REALTOR®,  who will input the criteria you want and generate a list of all the properties that match your needs. The goal is to help you find the property you want. MLS supplements the REALTOR®'s in-depth knowledge of the neighbourhood and current market conditions to help you make a wise buying decision.

This web site is an advertising vehicle that helps member REALTORS® market your property to literally a worldwide market.



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This is the Official Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for Cozumel Island
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Services a REALTOR® provides

The REALTOR® logo indicates a trained, real estate professional who is a member of organized real estate Association. A REALTOR® abides by a Code of Ethics in everything they do as they work towards one goal: client satisfaction.

Only a REALTOR® can list real estate in the Multiple Listing Service®. The MLS logo confirms the REALTOR® is the source of quality, cooperative and comprehensive real estate information and services.

A REALTOR® provides much more than the resources of MLS. As your agent, a REALTOR® owes you the duties of utmost care, integrity, confidentiality and loyalty. Whether you are a buyer or seller, you should make sure you discuss with your REALTOR® the specific services to be provided. A REALTOR® must disclose who they represent in any real estate transaction. A REALTOR® may represent you as a Buyer or as a Seller, or they may also represent both Buyer and Seller in the same transaction.

If you're buying, a REALTOR® has a variety of services and resources to help you find the property you want. Buyer representation services can include a needs assessment, a search for the right property, and negotiation of the best price and terms. A REALTOR® working as your Buyer Agent can also provide local market or neighborhood information to be considered in your search, and can provide objective information about each property. A REALTOR® can help determine your buying power, then negotiate with a Seller. A REALTOR® guides you through the closing process, and makes sure everything goes smoothly and uneventfully. To take full advantage of the professional services a REALTOR® provides to Buyers, you may be asked to sign a Buyer Agent Agreement.

If you're selling, your REALTOR® can provide you a range of marketing and selling services to help you sell your property as quickly as possible, at the best possible price. A REALTOR® can provide up-to-date information about market conditions, pricing, and similar properties. A REALTOR® will know when, where and how to market your property to other REALTORS® and to the geberal public. The marketing services may include press announcements, an Open House or internet postings. Your REALTOR® will help you determine how to handle property “showings” (scheduled visits to your property) and will help you objectively evaluate every proposal from prospective Buyers. To take full advantage of the professional services a REALTOR® has to offer, ask for a complete presentation from the REALTOR® you're considering working with.

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